Welcome to No Slack Just Hustle, your gateway to optimal well-being, where parents, professionals, and former athletes find a home in our Online Optimized Health Club, while our Sports Academy stands ready to support parents of youth and varsity athletes on their journey to excellence.

Helping parents, professionals, and former athletes who want to transform their health and wellness journey by having access to health and wellness experts and online programs.

Gain access to coaches and trainers to help educate you with the knowledge, skills, and mindset for your athlete to excel both on and off the field.

Providing you the highest quality supplements and wellness gear for your overall fitness needs.



Scott Fichter is a seasoned sports coach and former collegiate athlete from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania renowned for his expertise in Speed and Agility Training, Football Specific Training (with a concentration on Quarterback and Wide Receivers), Baseball Specific Training (covering Baserunning, Outfield, and Hitting), and Combine Specific Training (including the 40-yard dash, short shuttle, and vertical jump). His extensive expertise in coaching and his impressive background as an athlete have made him a trusted mentor and guide to aspiring athletes seeking to excel in their respective sports.

With a passion for coaching and a desire to make a positive impact on athletes and their families, Scott was inspired to create the No Slack Just Hustle Brand. Through this academy, he continues to fulfill his mission of helping athletes pursue their goals, develop their skills, and realize their full potential both on and off the field. His dedication to the journey of aspiring athletes reflects his unwavering commitment to the value of hard work, dedication, and continuous improvement. Scott Fichter’s extensive coaching experience, combined with his impressive playing background, make him a highly respected figure in the world of sports training and development.


Kenny Halloran is a dedicated and experienced fitness professional whose expertise spans a wide range of training areas, including Sport Specific Training Program Development, Sports Nutrition Plan Development, Personal Training, and Herbs and Supplement Education. With a strong background in both athletics and fitness education, Kenny has made it his mission to help athletes and individuals achieve their peak physical performance through personalized training and nutrition strategies.

He is highly qualified and boasts a wealth of experience, honing in on his skills as a fitness professional with over 5 years of personal training experience working with a diverse range of clients, tailoring fitness programs to meet their unique needs and goals through his own fitness app.

Being driven by a profound commitment to making a positive impact on athletes and their families, Kenny believes in the transformative power of proper training and nutrition. His belief led him to become an integral part of the No Slack Just Hustle Sports Academy team! Kenny Halloran’s dedication to sports-specific training and nutrition education, coupled with his impressive personal training background, positions him as a trusted mentor and guide for athletes, parents, and professionals seeking to reach their full potential.


Cody Williams is a passionate and dedicated health and wellness enthusiast who has dedicated over a decade to the pursuit of excellence in coaching and mentoring. His journey has been marked by remarkable achievements, a robust set of certifications, and a profound commitment to helping others in the fitness and coaching community achieve their goals. 

With an extensive and impressive background in sports coaching experience, Cody has been helping individuals on their health and wellness journeys since 2013. His coaching includes one year of high school football coaching, along with over two years of coaching experience with the Pittsburgh Steelers Youth Football Camp and with Next Level Football.

Cody’s unwavering passion for fitness and sports is the driving force behind his decision to be a part of the No Slack Just Hustle Sports Academy. His dedication goes beyond the field as he strives to empower individuals to train for their sports specific goals both on and off the field. Cody’s commitment to their physical and personal development reflects his genuine desire to make a positive impact, inspiring athletes and their families to achieve their full potential.


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