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Optimize Your Health and Wellness Program


Fat Loss Made Simple Course



There are so many different myths on the best way to lose fat. Weight loss shows are to blame for showing people the WORST way to lose fat that inevitably gets them to gain it ALL back. Through this course you will learn the BEST way to not just lose WEIGHT, but to make sure that the weight you lose is FAT so that you are able to achieve the 'toned' look most people are searching for.


Claim Your NO SLACK JUST HUSTLE Fat Loss Made Simple Course for only $47!

Are you ready to reach your health and wellness goals?

About Our Courses

We believe in serving others on their health and wellness journey.

It is our goal to help you achieve life-changing health and wellness results by providing transformational lifestyle programs and products to implement into your daily routine.

We believe that overall health consists developing your mind and your body (both internally and externally).

Our courses are specifically designed to help you with personal development for your mind and nutritional health and physical fitness for your body.


"I work full time and have two young kids (4 & 2). I don’t have a lot of time to workout but the Optimized program takes very little time out of my week. Gives me a full body workout and also pushes me. Great, simple structure, and still a lot of variety that keeps me excited for the next workout. Thankful to have found this, and love working with Optimized!"

• Jon W.

"I highly recommend Optimized. I have found Kenny to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. He is very invested in improving his clients’ lives through resistance training and healthy nutrition habits. Each session is meticulously planned out and Kenny is prepared for any changes or modifications you may require."

• Betzy O.

"I have benefited tremendously since working with Kenny and the Optimized program and would encourage anyone with hopes of improving their physical health to try out Optimized. I have tried many gyms and fitness centers with hopes of finding a trainer who was educated, patient and able to recognize the areas I could push myself further. Kenny has exceeded those expectations and has provided so much more. I have seen massive improvement in my fitness and my body composition has shifted entirely since working with him."

• Mike L.

"Kenny (trainer of Optimized) is an amazing trainer and he takes a serious interest in his clients goals. I have learned so much and look forward to my work-outs."

• Laura T.

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© Copyright 2023 S2A Legacy, LLC -All rights reserved

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